Smoking and Your Feet

Many people are aware of the dangers of smoking such as increased risk of heart disease and cancer, but many do not know that smoking can also affect your feet….especially when it comes to bone healing and bone health. Smoking has been shown to slow down or often inhibit healing of bones which means if you have a broken or fractured bone or if you plan to have surgery that involves cutting of bone, you may want to try to quit smoking to reduce your risk of serious complication. Studies, and experience, has shown that when surgical patients have complications such as slow or non-healing of bones, infections, or wound healing problems, quite often there’s tobacco involved. The smoking affects your bodies ability to get sufficient levels of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues that need it. And although there is no study to prove it, it has also been my observation that patients who suffer from long term chronic foot pain are quite often smokers.

Below are some recources available from the CDC to help get you more information about smoking and trying to quit.

Vist their Website for more information and quitting assistance at