Education, Helpful Information and Printouts

Below are some educational materials we have developed as handouts for our patients.  If you are not a patient yet, that’s ok… you can still view and print them.  However, please remember that no piece of paper or internet information is a subsitute for a good ol’ fashioned exam.

Diabetic Foot Care Guidelines

Most people realize that diabetes can cause foot problems and sometimes lead to ampuations.  If you have diabetes or know someone who does, click above to vuiew and print Dr. Hix’s recommended diabetic foot care guidelines.  Knowing and adhereing to these concepts may help prevent an amputation!

Stretching Instructions

Suffering from Heel pain?  Have you tried some stretching.  For many people doing some simple stretching several times every day can help alleviate pain in the heel as well as pain in the ball of the foot and other types of foot and ankle pain.  Check out our educational handout and start stretching… may just solve your heel pain problem altogether.


Do you suffer form recurrent red swollen and painful joints in the foot or ankle?  Gout can cause significant pain, swelling and inflammation of joints but so can infections, so don’t hesitate to get a medical evaluate by a qualified professional if you have a red swollen joint.  It if is determined that your problem may be gout, you may find some helpful information in the link above.

Contrast Water Bath

Here are some instructions to help you do some home contrast baths.  This can be helpful when recovering form injuries resulting in swelling and inflammation.  Not recommended for people who have open wounds on their feet and anyone with numbess in their feet needs to make sure the water is not too hot.